Thank you for choosing our products. In order to get satisfactory results, please read the installation instruction carefully before using the products. After purchasing our products, please record the purchase data,model, and please keep proper notes and instructions to make provision for the future needs.


Cleaning and Maintenance


1. In daily cleaning, please use soft cloth to wipe the surface of product gently to prevent scratch mirror and the surface of paint.
2. Please clean up stroage water in product to keep it dry, to extend the service life.
3. Weight capacity restiction: Do not put more than 10 kgs objects on the product.
4. Do not put banana oil,boiling water and high concentration of strong acid,stong alkaline or high-temperture objects in product to prevent damaging surface of paint.
5. To avoid using spikes, hard objects or collision to damage product.
6. Do not sit on the product.
7. Do not use chemical liquid or containing chemical liquid to clean mirror.